Saturday, January 8, 2005


How this all began

Early Nov. Scott was having some (he thought) stomach pain at night...Preventing sleep until 2 or so in the a.m.... He made a appointment with Dr. McCann (Hudson Clinic) on Nov. 30th 2004 - had blood work done - his lipase level was 160 - so Dr. ordered a sonogram 12/6 more blood work - low fat diet - 12/9 ordered a CT scan. That evening Dr. called and wanted him to see him in the a.m. (12/10) lipase level was +1500 - pain level basically the same as before now occasional back pain, and wanted to disuss result of CT scan. Scan showed possible mass in tail of the pancreas. Dr. McCann set him up with Dr. J.Shawn Mallory @ Hennepin Co. Medical Center in Minneapolis.

12/21/04 - @ HCMC to do a EUS. Dr. Mallory confirmed the mass - @ 4X2.5 cm - did a biopsy the area is inflamed and said he could not make a call re: status of mass. Set up appointment on Jan 3rd, 2005 to visit with Dr. Timothy Sielaff (@Abbott-Northwestern), he would give us the result of biopsy, and coarse the treatment, Dr. Mallory saying Sielaff is the best surgeon re: the pancreas in Minneapolis.

Fantastic news! One down and one to go and then we clean up that mess and return to lots of good health. Will be saying prayers and going to Mass on the 13th. for you to come out with flying colors.
The candle is lit. Love you much, Juanita

Saturday, January 8, 2005


appointment. @ Abbott-Northwestern results

Jan. 3rd, 2005
The appointment went as we (sort of) always hope for the..."This has all been a mistake"...but no - Scott has pancreatic cancer he is scheduled for surgery on the 13th...this is good news though...some people don't even get a chance at surgery. He had a CT Scan today, we will hear results tomorrow - they are just checking it against the one he had on the 10th of December. So we are very thankful for the Doctor, he seems excellent...and very cautious. The details with the Scott's pancreas so far are this.

There is a tumor in the mid section closer to the tail end...the Dr. will remove the tumor and that 1/2 of the pancreas...remove the spleen for sure, than remove other organs as he sees fit basically - after surgery and some healing, Scott would have chemo or radiation or both....Scott does have a couple spots on his liver though that they are checking out...Hudson Clinic said they were benign. Dr. Sielaff ordered another CT Scan to take another look...we should get results today...if it seems as though the cancer has spread...there will be no surgery and chemo would begin with the surgery perhaps after we want the surgery.

Saturday, January 8, 2005


Result of 2nd CT Scan

The scan looked basically the same Dr. Sielaff said....but he did order a MRI for Monday (1/10)@ Abbott. He will just take a look again for any sign of any spreading of the cancer...If all checks out OK -- surgery will still be on for the 13th @ 7:30 a.m. (Abbott-Northwestern - Piper Bldg.) We are to expect a 4 hr. surgery - 5 day hospital stay - follow up appt. with Dr Sielaff in 2 weeks - to schedule appointment with an oncologist for further treatment.

Going to relax for the weekend...the kids are coming over and hanging out with us...Toby too.

BIG game tomorrow....GO PACKERS!!!

Scott feels well and upbeat...he's skinny though, he has lost appox. 20 lbs.

More after the MRI results...guessing Tuesday the 11th.

Sunday, January 9, 2005


Sunday - 1/09/04

Well the game didn't turn out the right way...Packers lost :-(
Steve P. came over to watch with Scott, they were both pretty calm though.
Linda, Kelsey, Claire and Melinda stopped by too.

Expect a quiet night tonight, going to Abbott tomorrow for the MRI.

Several phone calls, thanks again for all your support.


Good Morning!!

Cool Idea!! internet update
I wish you lots of luck today, the MRI isn't that bad just take the drugs that are offered!!

Thinking about you
Love you both!!

Good luck today, Love you both and miss you.
Scott and Rox-
I'll be crossing my fingers for you and your family today! Keep up the positive attitude and remember that you have lots of love and support to get through this!

Good Luck today! I'll be thinking about all of you and praying for Scott.

This is a wonderful idea!

I am just praying for both of you. Scott the surgery will be no picnic for sure, but you are young and strong.

Love you both. Toots
What a neat idea! Good job Ben and Roxi.:)

Our thoughts will be with you today and we are praying for the surgery on Thursday to be a sucess.

All our love,
Tara, Jason, and Owen
Thinking of you today with the MRI. It will alot easier with the pills.
We are wishing you the best of luck on the surgery on thursday. By the weekend you'll be able to enjoy the Vikings getting pounded!
See you soon.

Donna and Earl
This website is such a great way to keep everyone updated. We are praying for you down here, Scott, and we added you on our prayer list at Church. In the bible belt that goes a long way, so there are a lot of prayers being said in your name :)!

We love you,

Amber, Ryan, and Abigial
Hi Scott & Roxie,
We hope all went well today. We'll be waiting to hear.
We love you and are praying for you. Laurie
Hi Scott and Rox--

Have been thinking about you all day!!
This is a really neat idea--
We will be checking on Scotts news daily--
Just wanted to let you know we are praying for both of you
Call if you ever need to talk (anytime day or night)

Love Ya Both!!!

Monday, January 10, 2005


1/10/2004 - MRI Today

We were @ Abbott today. MRI went fine. Scott was in about 45 minutes. He took a couple relaxing pills...He was mellow, and his technician was very nice he said. We expect a call from Dr. Sielaff tomorrow. Praying for no changes, and that the surgery will be a "go" for Thursday the 13th.

Will let you know when we know.

After we get our call from the Doctor we expect to tell Scott's Mom (Rose) about the upcoming surgery. As you may or may not know she has been diagnosed with alzheimers, she has been depressed and at times very confused, so we wanted to delay the news regarding Scott's health for as long as possible, this should be another tough call for Scott, thanks to Steve and Judy for relaying the initial news, Scott will follow up with a call to his Mom.

Thanks for all the nice replys re: this site.


Hello Scott

I wanted to wish you well in your recovery. I can appreciate what you must be going through, I know when my brother Tom was diagnosed with a cancerous heart tumor it was devasating to our family. We thank God every day that he continues to do well.

Take Care and God Bless.

Mike Hofkes

Monday, January 10, 2005


Hello from Scott

Hi Everyone - I enjoyed all the comments from near and far...keep them coming, and I will answer.



Roxie & Scott

Thanks for the web site where we can keep track of how things are going. I have forwarded your e-mail to the rest of our kids as we are all very concerned. If there is anything we can do to help besides our prayers, please ask. We feel like family and really appreciate your updates. I have marked your website, and will visit it often.

Sonja & Allen
Hi ya Buddy

I won't be able to visit with you until Sunday as I will be in Dallas on business.

So you be a good boy. Don't give Roxie any crap and leave the nurses alone. I know I would............not.

All of my love, hope, prayers, and best wishes will be with you & Roxie. Good luck, and stay positive.

P.S. When I get there Sunday do you want flowers or Burger King?? ;-)

Good luck to you tomorrow - we will be thinking of you all. You're an official member of our nightly prayer group...thanks for keeping us all updated.


Doug, Charlene, Will & Ian
Hi Scott, Roxie, Ben, Jen, and Claire,

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you--each day!
Love this website with up to date news and comments!
Keep warm--cuddle as much as possible!
Enjoy all of your days off of work--together!! Just think, when this is all over--you both will have to get back to the old grind of work--so think of it as an extended vacation at home!!
So sorry the Packers didn't win:(
Love to all of you,
Bernie Weider
Prayers, blessings and greetings from a former RiverCity-ite... now a transplant to Indiana. Glad to hear things are on a positive note with y'all. You and yours will certainly be in our prayers. God Bless, Robbi
p.s. Thanks for the updates, hope this has healing effects on you as well as keeping friends and family informed!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


It's a go!!!

We just received a call from Dr. Sielaff's nurse Marie she said, "Dr. Sielaff said he will see you at surgery" We don't have any more details regarding the MRI results than that, but assume that the Dr. didn't see anything to prevent a successful surgery. Scott feels he's in the best position he could be in, and we are very happy.

The plan...we arrive @ Abbott-Northwestern @ 5:30 a.m. - surgery @ 7:30 - could take around 4 hours or so.

Ben, Jen, Claire and Kyle will be with me, I will get news out as soon as we know some.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers you are sending our way.


Scott & Roxane,
Isn't technology great. Thanks for putting together this site and keeping us up to date. Good luck with the surgery on the 13th. The Wyoming contingent is definitely praying for you. Anne, Mike & Girls
Your FNB Friends will be thinking and praying for you all--
Keep us posted--

Hugs to you!
I am happy too! Even though my parents have gotten so into the "blog" they forgot to CALL me and tell me the great news! :)


p.s. Hey Rada, I think I would go with Burger King!
Scott, so happy to hear that the surgery is a "go". First step in heading for recovery. You have a good caregiver at home to nurse you back to good health.

Donna and Earl
Love this website (thanks Ben)! Isn't it great how we can all virtually support each other! I know that all will be well with time, love and care from your wonderful at home nurse. You know we're all cheering for you. I'll send all my best thoughts your way on Thursday and I'll see you on Friday! Love and Hugs, Linda
Love this website (thanks Ben)! Isn't it great how we can all virtually support each other! I know that all will be well with time, love and care from your wonderful at home nurse. You know we're all cheering for you. I'll send all my best thoughts your way on Thursday and I'll see you on Friday! Love and Hugs, Linda

Here's wishing you the best of luck on the 13th. I'll try to stop in to see you when you are up to visitors.

Dennis Behnke
Scott & Roxie -

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you on the day of the surgery and during the recovery process. We love you and are thinking of you! Jon, Shannon, & Quinn Olson

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Wednesday update/plans

Well we made it to today...we plan to get a few things done around the house, and go to bed early. Scott had a restless night last night, he didn't get much sleep due to his mind working overtime, and pain in this stomach and back, the stomach pain could be from the pills he is taking, he's calling his nurse today to get some advise.

All is well though, Scott and I thank you all for the e-mails, comments, prayers, well wishes and phone calls.

I will be staying at the hospital Thursday night with Scott, and Friday & Saturday night Claire & I will be @ Ben & Jen's. I will return home Sunday night.

Expect a posting later on Thursday evening, unless we find internet access @ Abbott.

Here we go...........

Hello, Scott and Roxane!
LOVE this website idea...that crafty Ben. LOVE the techno guys in the family!! Glad the waiting and planning is done, TIME TO GET YOU WELL!! We will be thinking and praying for you, and anxious to get the good report after your surgery. Scott, I'll call on Sunday to let you know how the purple guys did (or didn't!!) do :)
All our best,
Love - Jill, John, Sean and Jack
Just heard the news! Hope all goes well tomorrow - Hang in there and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Melissa, Greg, Jake and Josh Godden
We will all be thinking of you tomorrow. Stay strong and you will win. We are saving you some Florida sunshine for March.

Love You

Krause Gang
Your waiting is almost over. Lots of luck with your surgery. We are thinking of you and love you very much.
See you friday.
Donna and Earl
Scott & Roxane

Wish you all the luck in the world for Thursday morning!
We love you!!!
Now remember you need to do everything the Doctor and nurse tell you and of couse Roxane!!!

You will heal faster that way.

With all our LOVE

Wade, Julie, Joshua & Nikki, Cooper and Richard
Coach and Bordy ( I know how much Scott loves my dogs)
Hey Scott, GOOD LUCK !!!!....... Everyone at work wishes you the best........ See you soon....... Ron Lefeber -Lucky-

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Heading to Minneapolis

Hi everyone- due to the weather being kind of a mess, rain...freezing rain...and a expected big temperature drop, we are heading over this afternoon, we will stay at the hotel site @ Abbott or we have a room on hold at the Days Inn about 4 miles from the hospital. The hospital rents the rooms first come first serve, so we have the back up plan the hospital suggested to us.

Scott wants everyone to well aware of the weather conditions, and if it isn't safe, he would rather know that you are safe and warm inside at home...because he said he will be :-)

More as we know it.


Scott Best of Luck , Hope all goes well, we will all say a prayer

Jerry Knickel
Scott and Rox, I love the web site, what a great idea. I'm still thinking and praying for you each day. Take Care...Tracy
Hello to the Hedrington's...

I hope that all goes well tommorow and in the coming days. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers!

We hope and pray all goes well with your surgery. We'll be thinking of you.

Jean & Mike
Fellow Hedringtons,

Lisa and I are thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers. Good luck tomorrow! Scott, you have to get well soon so you can come visit us in Boston! You'll love the accents.

Seth & Lisa
Just received the news from Julie last night. We are praying for all of you.

Scott, some people will do anything to get out of work!
You are a wonderful, loving, tough guy. I am sure those traits will help you through this situation.

Our love to all of you.

Don and Mary Dachel
I told you that I suck at this, but I could'nt sleep. all I keep hearing is someone saying lets beat the Eagles, and you did. remember that! Well you'll beat this too. I remember when you fell threw the hole in the catwalk, at first I was shocked that you fit threw the hole, then you bounced off the ground about a foot. when we got to you, your arm was twisted, but you were talking so I knew you were ok. I owed you a couple of hits at that time, but being a good brother I decided not to hit you while you were hurt. Well to be honest, I knew you still had one good arm, and you still would be able to choke me. Your as strong as anyone I know. And You will beat this. Love Ya Dirt

Thursday, January 13, 2005


On our way....

Jen and I are on our way to Abbott in a couple minutes, I wanted to thank all of you for coming here and leaving such nice messages, my family appreciates them very much. We will try to get a mid day update on here if possible, but if not I'm sure my Claire or I can post something for my mom tonight.

Again, thanks for all of the support!
-Ben and Jen

I woke up today thinking of you as I'm sure everyone did. All will be well, I just know it. Stay positive. Love to everyone and I'll talk to you very soon. Linda
Dear Claire and family,
Your friends and colleagues at West want you to know you're in our thoughts and prayers. Take care.
Julie Martagon
To all the Hedrington's,
I hope and pray all goes well today. Scott, I'm going to try and make it up with dad sunday. Hang tuff!!!!

Nathan Rada
Dear Hedrington family,

Just wanted you to know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of all of Ben's friends and colleagues at Best Buy. We're thinking of you. Take care.

-- Ben's group @ Best Buy
Hey guys. We're thinking about and praying for you. Hope all is going well. Not to sound cliche, but if you need anything, give us a call...we owe you one or two.

Love you guys. Look up.

Jordan and Sara
All the Olson's are pulling for you.

Doug, Charlene, Will and Ian
We've been thinking of you and praying for you all day. Looking for good news later today.
Sonja & Allen



Thursday, January 13, 2005


Surgery News

Scott went in for surgery as expected today @ 7:30 a.m. - his first procedure was to be a scope, (just sort of a look around ) before the Dr. would begin removal of the tumor and affected pancreas but at 8:30 a.m. Dr. Sielaff called us in for a meeting. His first words were...THIS IS NOT BAD NEWS. It seems as though Dr. Sielaff felt that he could not remove the entire tumor at this time. The doctor suggests that we begin the chemo/radiation plan first, and then the surgery is to follow, in perhaps 3 months.

We are at home now; we were released from the hospital about 11:30 a.m.

Yes, we are somewhat disappointed but feel we are getting the best advice from Dr. Sielaff. Scott's recommended oncologist is from the U of MN - Dr. Greeno, the appointment is to be set up as soon as possible. I will update with more info re: this treatment plan when I know more information.

Sounds like it will be cold weather a few days around I will sit Scott in the recliner and keep him nice and warm by the fire.


Scott and Roxane

It sounds like your Doctor is one smart guy.. If anyone would know it would be him.
BOTH of you need to get some rest and stay warm together, we are all praying and hoping for the best!

If you need anything let me know and I will be there in a minute or faster!!

With all my love, Julie
Stay positive. Together, we'll all beat this. I'll be over to see you very soon. Love and hugs, Linda
Stay positive. Together, we'll all beat this. I'll be over to see you very soon. Love and hugs, Linda
You need to rest up and get some food into Scott. Follow all the Dr.'s orders, they know what they are doing.

Love You

Hey Scott. Hope you are resting well. I've been thinking about you and reading your blog to keep up on how your doing. Hang in there and know that you are in my thoughts. Lucky
Dear Claire and Family-
Just wanted you to know that your friends at West are thinking of you. Stay warm and take care!
Leah and Becky
Scott, thanks for calling and exclaiming why there was no surgery today. Hope you get your call soon to start the next step. Stay postive, you'll get through it okay. You have a large circle of friends and relatives all wishing you the best.

Donna and Earl
Hi Scott and Roxane----Like your doctor said "this is not bad news". Sometimes the process just has to be different. It is really important that you trust your doctor and realize that he is there to keep you going as comfortably as possible with a cure in the future.

Like anyone else said---rest, keep warm and keep your spirits up. We all love you. Toots
I am not able to publish a message yet from my computer so I thought I would do one here.

I want to THANK everyone from near and far for all of your comments. You really don't know how much it helps to know that you are all thinking of our family. We are all trying to stay positive, and it is much easier with all of you helping.

I will be co-nursing with my mom as much as I can, so if my parents are hard to get a hold of my number is 651.270.1431, and I would be glad to give updates!

Keep talking! We love it!

Love, Claire

p.s. Hi Dad, be over in a while. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2005


I am now an official BLOGGER!

I guess I did have an email from my big brother to get "in" on the blog. Well, I just posted a comment about two minutes ago, so I am going to stick with that.

THANKS EVERYBODY! We love you all!

Ben, Jen & Family:
Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and appreciate all of the updates.
Keep positive, stay strong, and we'll keep praying!!
Your Xerox Family (Anita, Julie, Lori, & Mark)
Okay, Plan A didn't pan out but maybe Plan B will be the best in the long run.

Stay warm, think good thoughts and know that LOTS of people are rooting and praying for you.

Mary & Larry L
Scott, Roxanne, and Family
The kids at school and I have been praying for you every morning. Know that you are cared about and loved. You make the world a sunnier place. We will continue to pray and think about you each day.
Charlie and JoAnn
hey scott gust to let yopu know that i am think about
you and have you in my prayers. kev

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Covered from the rear

Hi Everybody,

Family and friends what else can a guy ask for, you never realize who's on your side until you turn around and check your back. I feel well protected from the rear and I am able to look straightforward into my future. My doctor's nurse Marie set me straight; this is not a set back, but a different and positive direction, more time involved, with the same ending, the demise of this cancer. Thanks for all the good thoughts from each and every one of you, it is great to have venue like this (Thanks Ben). Keep them coming, and I'll keep coming back at you with more updates.


Glad to hear there is an option for you Scott. We are here for you if you and your family need anything, just let us know. In the mean time you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love you guys!

Don and Mary D.
If you or Roxie need anything let us know! Go Vikings!
Linda Rudesill
Hey scotty! your right this is good and positive direction, as they say, When one door shuts another one will open. Ill call you tomorrow I have a joke about the three toughest mice, maybe I told you it already, but its still good. Love ya Dirt
We are glad and relieved to hear your prognosis is looking good Scott. You're in our thoughts and prayers!
Rick, Kari, Gav and Emma

Friday, January 14, 2005


Friday the 14th - all is well

We got our rest last night. So we are hanging out @ home today. Expecting some visitors and hoping for a call from Dr. Greeno's office with a appointment time.

Scott is having a good day with very little pain from the 3 pokes they put in his belly.

Will update when we have new info. Everyone have a good weekend, and stay warm if you are anywhere in the our area....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Hi Scott; Steve and Judy have been keeping us posted on your situation. I just wanted to let you know that Pattie and I are thinking of you and saying some prayers too. Keep a positive attitude and be strong. Enjoy a Leienies now and then, take care and good luck! Mike Kuehnast
Hello Hedringtons,

We are all praying for your fast full recovery and cancer free days

Friday, January 14, 2005


New appointment set

Hurray....we got a call from Dr. Greeno's office, he will help us through the treatment phase.
The appointment will be on Thursday, January 20th @ 10:00 a.m. - He will be seen @ Masonic Cancer Center, they are affilated with Fairview University Medical Center. I included links to our doctors, I thought you might want to see their faces, since I will refer to them often in my updates.

So we are looking forward to our next appointment and expect to relax and enjoy ourselves this weekend, INSIDE :-)


More information about Scott's doctors:
Dr. Sielaff
Dr. Greeno

Scott, Just want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you at ALL times! We miss you and your Voice on the radio!! Hope all goes as planned, and you have a speedy recovery............ Sully

Have a relaxing weekend!!
We'll have a drink for you at the local hang out!!
I hope nobody ask me for my ID--BURRRR
I'll stop by on Sunday or Monday-Don't worry I'll call first:>)

Love Ya
Glad to hear you have your next appointment all set. Only a few days this time to wait. You can enjoy the football games this weekend. Stay warm

Donna and Earl
I am so impressed with the BLOG and all of the information you can include. Thanks so much for keeping everyone so well informed. We know how scarey all of this must be for you. Stay positive and just love each other through this. This will be a time to grow your patience, faith and love.

Sonja & Allen
Wow---it looks like you got an A+ doctor with Dr. Greeno. That is what you need right now. Excellent doctors who are on your side. Just absolutely trust them, but also go to good, reliable sites on the internet for additional info.

It got to 16 below zero last night here in Wyoming and it will probably get colder tonight. I just hate January. Winter is the pits!!! Toots
Just heard about your problem. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Knowing you, it's just a minor bend on the road through life. Put the pedal to the metal and slide around that curve. You'll be on the strait-a-way in no time.
Jim McCarthy ... :)
Thoughts and prayers are with you. Good luck. Keep warm.
Scott. I just read about your illness. I am sending you my healing thoughts and prayers. With the support of family and friends you will come thru this challenge healthly and strong as ever. Also I will be putting you on a couple of prayer group lists that I have used in the past. Always in friendship Tom Smola
Scott & Roxanne
Just heard from Linda. Like many people in these parts, we tend to hibernate during the winter months. Hadn't seen you coming and going recently. Now we know why. We want you both to know, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Don is home during the day if something comes up and you need help. Your neighbors, Jane & Don

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Saturday, Jan 15th

Hello everyone : Scott had a kind of sleepness night, but about 5 a.m. sleep did come until around 10:30, so he feels pretty good today, he even gets to use the shower!!!! He's made a few return phone calls already. Steve & Judy and Susie are coming by for a visit later today, and he is expecting his Mom and Terry tomorrow.

I'm sure we will be watching football all weekend and staying by the fire, he has a puzzle going...he and Jen worked on and off on it all day yesterday, it's a tough he could use some help :-)

Hope you are all having a great weekend.


Sounds like a good plan for the weekend. Little rest and relaxation, you've had a hard week. Stay warm, awful cold for the next couple days.

Donna and Earl
Scott and Roxie
Just heard the news today from the class of 69 e-mail/Jim McCarthy. wish you the best of luck. Will be checking daily to see your progress.
Tom & Marilyn LeDuc
Hi Ya Buddy

Just got home from Texas (It's much warmer there - hated to come back to the deep freeze). Flew out and back from and to Rice Lake so I didn't get to the cities. Hope you are feeling better and your spirits are up. Roxy says you are having trouble sleeping - when I have that problem I just drink a quart of Windsor - it's lights out. Love ya - see ya soon.


Sunday, January 16, 2005


Sunday, January 16th

Good morning everyone:

Scott is sleeping right now, another restless night, we are trying to figure out a plan to make him more comfortable, Thursday's visit will help out a lot in this area I feel.

Scott had a good day yesterday, phone calls visits, and e-mails. He watched a lot of football, still wishing it was Green Bay in the playoffs. Vikings play today...we are not we want them to win...make it to the Super Bowl then lose it all, or get it over with today???? Poor sports aren't we ;-) We will leave it up to Dante & Co.

Expecting Terry, Laurie and Rosie today, the kids are coming over too.

Colder than ever this a.m. -10 - Winter in Wisconsin - lovely time of year.


Hi Scott! Gordy Anderson Forwarded me your website. Thinking of you in my prayers. Stay strong, stay positve. The best! Tom Maurer
HI Scott, Just heard of your sickness, knowing you I discovered that there is no quit in you. Hang in there and our prayers will make the difference. Keep up the fight. Love you man.
Ed Knorn
Hi Scott,
Just wanted to say that your in our thoughts and prayers down in Hartford. We hope the very best for you and your family. Stay strong; Love mike,susan, and John Hedrington. :)
Hi its jan 16 th And I am posting my wish and all of our prayers for you and the family . Pat and I are doing well as are the kids . They just left Kat helped me fix the computer. S here is hoping that I have no more problems . Take care and hope you are feeling better real soon . If you need anything anything at all just call or dropmme an email and I will be there.
Love to all Suzie and Pat
Good Morning

Hope you are feeling better today, Maybe you should call the Doc and get something to help you sleep.

I even watched football on Sunday,and yes it was fun to see the "Queens" lose.

Take care talk to you later

Love you both!


Monday, January 17, 2005


Too BAD about the Vikes ;-)

Hi all!! I don't plan to do too much today, might go out for a drive later. I'm doing fine, it just tough to sleep at night, I have some aches and pains when I lay down, it is a common problem with this disease, so I'm sure my Doctor will have a few ideas for me on Thursday.

It is nice to see all the postings, some of you I have not heard from for a while, I was thinking that we pretty much have the whole USA covered from East to West. I hear that the Class of 69 is in the blog now also, hi all!!


Hi Dad~ Yeah, too bad about the Vikes. ;) Kyle and I knew they were losers before halftime, of course, in our eyes, they are ALWAYS losers.

Maybe on your drive you should treat yourself...I am thinking McDonalds? Double Cheeseburger? ;)

Have a good day! Love you! Hi to everyone else!


p.s. I saw the band that Jordan manages this weekend, they are called T.U.G.G., and it was a great show!
Hello Scott

I wanted to wish you well in your recovery. I can appreciate what you must be going through, I know when my brother Tom was diagnosed with a cancerous heart tumor it was devasating to our family. We thank God every day that he continues to do well.

Take Care and God Bless.

Mike Hofkes

PS - not sure if you received this initially as I used the wrong blog post comments button dated 1/10/05. NOT FOLLOWING SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS !! OH WELL ! SO MUCH FOR LEARNING BLOG TECHNOLOGY.
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I was sorry to hear of your health problems. My wife just went thru chemo and had surgery for ovarian cancer (from Nov '03 thru June '04), so I have some idea what you and your family are going thru. Stay positive good buddy, tho, I know it takes more than attitude to deal with this. Medicine is important, too. But it also takes friendship and knowing that your pals--old and new--care about you buddy. You know you have a lot of friends out here who are pulling for you. And your family will pull together like never before during this because you are so important to them all. When it hurts, just think of Denny Laramie and his "push yourself" drill sergeant attitude. Getting mad at him always motivated me! My best to you big dog. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Jim Hanson
Hi Scott and Roxane, I knew when I seen that the Viking's lost (big surprise) that would help you feel alittle bit better. It's the little things you know. :-) Love to you both today, stay warm and I'll stop by later. Linda
Just wanted to add my "get well" prayers to all the rest you have received. I know you have the inner strength and love and support of family and friends to help you through this trial. I hope the Vikings loss helped to raise your sure made me feel better. Hang in there. I'm rooting for you.
Class of "69
I know deep down you wanted the vikings to go all the way!!
But like the Viking fans always say maybe next year!
I hope all goes well on Thursday!
Hey tar feet Why why why all the bad comments about those great QUEENS, I just dont understand, they are your next door neighbors. I watched you during the game Scott, You seemed quite pleased as they got the crap beat out of them, you were right, they did deserve it. We had a good time at your place, hope you got some sleep Talk to you later Love dirt
Scott My Man!
Brother Mike gave me the update yesterday. You're a tough guy and with all of us out here saying our prayers (you're on my Hail Mary List) this thing will soon be something of the past. Sure was great seeing you at the Baby Boomers last August - you've changed so little since the days at Mickey D's - still one of the nice guys . . oh o.k. . . cute too! I will continue to check on you. Keep the faith. You, and your loving family, will see it through. Kathy Kuehnast Spraggon

P.S. Yeah, too bad about those Vikes - hahaha! I heard Leinies has medicinal/curative powers.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Monday Update

Hi everyone:

Scott had another sleepness night, calling the Dr. today to get something to knock him out so he gets some rest. He has pain but worry is setting in also. I think things will be better once we get the new plan from Dr. Greeno, we see him Thursday. I was planing to go back to work for a few hours this week, but instead I will stay at home.

Again, he really loves seeing all your comments (as I do also) on the blog or email him, he checks often, for the next couple days I think he is going to have to rest more when he can, visits will be at a minimum. Keep the emails coming though, he will return your calls & e messages.

Scotts personal email address -


Sorry to hear last night was rough. :-( Roxane, don't forget to get your rest too. Take care. Love, Linda
Not getting a good night's sleep is the pits for anybody. I agree once Scott gets in the routine with the chemo, etc. each day will be more predictable. It still won't be easy, but at least there will be an established plan of action.

It is 22 degrees this morning! Wow. A heat wave. Last week was just too cold. Not much going on in Wyoming. Will keep in touch. Toots
Good Day Hedrington!!

I think Scott should come here and do some work for me @DigiCopy.. I have alot of fun jobs I know he would be good at.. That will make him sleep!
Scott I know it really Sucks to not sleep, maybe get outside and go for alittle walk (I know the weather isn't the best) but it might help.

Hope you get some sleep soon!

Love you both

Hey Scott,
Just wanted to let you know that a lot of guys at work are concerned and have been asking about you.......... Lucky

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Back on Track

Hi Everyone -

This blog thing still amazes me, all of you who are writing me are forever etched into my brain, when I get by this cancer and get back on my feet you can all expect a personal pat on the back, and for all you railroaders donuts daily until I retire.

Having a bad night bolstered my determination to do whatever I have to, in order to get back what I have.

Thank you for your words and time, keep them coming, I'm listening.

My family has tightened up all around me, what a great group of people I'm related to.

More tomorrow,

Hello Scott and Roxanne, Too bad about Vikes but can't feel too sorry because of what they did to the Pack. We hope you guys are getting some good rest and are feeling better. These are good days to stay home, stay warm and get some rest. Can't be much fun to go through Chemo but hope you're holding up well. Since we're right next door don't be afraid to call on us for some errands. Yvonne and Ross
Hi Dad and Mom~

I hope you both are sleeping right now. You write great messages Dad (you too, Mom)!

I hope you have the best day you can! See you later!

Love, Claire
Scott -

Hi. This is Mark Cotton...I was in FIJI with Ben at Eau Claire...we met a few times. I saw Ben last week and he gave us the update. I'm sorry to hear about your health issues. Keep fighting hard; you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! Keep's great to hear updates.
Hey Scott & Roxie,
I bet you're anxious to see the Dr. tomorrow and get going with your treatment. When I can't sleep which is often I take things for it, but of course you can't be taking stuff right now. Terry says I'm like Elvis Presley taking stuff to go to sleep and needing coffee to get up. Did you get that puzzle together? I know by my non performance on Sunday you think I'm not good at puzzles, but I usually am pretty good at them. Really I am. That puzzle was impossible. Good luck tomorrow. We love you. Laurie
Hey Scott & Roxie,
I bet you're anxious to see the Dr. tomorrow and get going with your treatment. When I can't sleep which is often I take things for it, but of course you can't be taking stuff right now. Terry says I'm like Elvis Presley taking stuff to go to sleep and needing coffee to get up. Did you get that puzzle together? I know by my non performance on Sunday you think I'm not good at puzzles, but I usually am pretty good at them. Really I am. That puzzle was impossible. Good luck tomorrow. We love you. Laurie

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Wednesday update 1/19/05

Good morning everyone- A rather sleepless night for Scott again, but a lot less pain, we did get some new drugs prescribed so we are hoping once we get 24hrs. of them in him he will sleep better tonight.

Tomorrow is the BIG day, we see Dr. Greeno, we are to be there at 9:30 a.m., my sister Linda is coming along as another set of ears, and as our secretary, we appreciate that.

Scott has some calls to make today to the insurance company, and the railroad regarding his care and his work benefits.

Expect a late update tomorrow, but it should direct us on our way again for treatment, and a successful surgery to follow.

Thanks for all your support...we see the driveway fairy visited again this am. and got it all cleaned off...Thanks :-)

Hi Scott & Roxi,

Driveway Fairy? We need one of those:)

Sorry to hear your nights are sleepless. Hopefully they will get better once chemo starts. I think of you often, especially when I am rocking Owen at 3:30 am. :)

Good luck tomorrow. We are all praying for you.

Lots of Love,
Tara, Jason, and Owen

PS...The only book Owen will actually sit down and listen to is "Elmo In Dreamland" He loves it! Thanks!
Hey Scott -- Oregon, more specifically Roseburg, says hi. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there, we know how tough you are. Good luck with Dr. in the a.m. We'll check here again tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us updated on this, what a great way to communicate. Weather here is not as bad as there. We broke a record the other day, 70 degrees on Tuesday. They call it the "pineapple express" cause the jet stream is coming in from Hawaii. I guess if I can't go there, it's nice that part of it is coming to us. We'll be writing again soon. Take care.... Cousin Kris and family, Eric, Kari, Kevan and Joe!
Sorry to hear that you are having trouple sleeping--that is not fun--but at least you don't have to get up and go to work in the morning!
Good luck tomorrow morning!
Wow--I need a driveway fairy too! Actually, Derek does a pretty good job of it!
It was 30 here today--felt wonderful--man--it has been COLD down here in Crystal Lake, IL! But I think even colder up there!
My parents say "Hi" to you and Roxie and send good wishes!
Do you have a sister that they called--chirp or something like that in H.S.--my sister Barb thinks she knew her?
Love this blog--it is an awesome way to communicate!!
Lots of Love,
Bernie W.
Hey Scott, after tomorrow's appointment, you'll be on your way to getting better. Keep strong (like you know Brett Favre would!) Love, Nick
Hey Scott, after your appointment tomorrow you'll be on your way to getting better. Good luck with it, and keep strong (the way Brett Favre would!) Love, Nick
Why Roxie do you keep bothering my brother at night, you know he needs his sleep!!!!! Hey keep smiling, and and when you see mr greeno jeans he will get you on the right track. ill call ya DIRT. that means i'll call you on the phone, Not call you dirt listen for the phone


scott,thought of you when i got up this morning and said a prayer for you and your family. good luck and godspeed today know that you are never really alone. tom smola
Hello, please forgive my intrusion but i couldn't help but post a comment when i read the description of this blog.
A very dear friend of mine by the name of Scott Mclean was diagnosed years ago with brain cancer.
He was told that he would die within 3 months and that the situation was hopeless.

Today Scott is as healthy as they come, he prayed fervently for a healing need, and now his story is featured on web sites and in medical journals all around the world.
His testimony and experience is one that i hope will prove an inspiration to you and he encourages people to contact him if they wish to know more of his ordeal.

His e-mail address is as follows;

I know from personal experience that while it is a great comfort to have people you know and love being there for you and reassuring you, it is often more of a help to interact with a person in your position or someone who can relate to it as a result of past experience.

You are also in my prayers as many others have said, and i will ask that at my local church meeting on Sunday morning that we uphold your need.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


On their way to the U of M

Hi everyone!

I thought I would let you all know that my parents and my mom's sister, Linda, are on their way to the appointment with Dr. Greeno. They are equipped with questions, and hoping for a lot of answers. Send some good thoughts!

Love you all!

Hello Scott and Roxie,

I hope that today's visit will help answer your questions and get you geared up for the road ahead. I am thinking of you all today.

Emily W.
Scott (and the Hedrington Family),

Like Mark, I heard about your health troubles recently from Ben and wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and keep fighting for yourself and all these people who care about you.

Jeremy Diebling
Good Morning Scott, I just received this site from Pete Lutz. To say I was shocked by all of this is putting it mildly. Since Debbie and I have moved to Appleton(Back with the Pack)we have not been in the ring on all the happenings in the Twin Cities area. I sure enjoyed working with you. You sure knew how to smooth things out. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Leo Puddy
Good Morning Scott, I just received this site from Pete Lutz. To say I was shocked by all of this is putting it mildly. Since Debbie and I have moved to Appleton(Back with the Pack)we have not been in the ring on all the happenings in the Twin Cities area. I sure enjoyed working with you. You sure knew how to smooth things out. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Leo Puddy

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Scott's visit with Dr. Greeno - A New Plan

Hi all -

Well we are just settling down from our visit today with Dr. Greeno and his staff at Masonic Clinic, located on the University of Minnesota campus.

The treatment (beginning 1/31/05) is a 6 week plan of chemo/radiation. Treatment will be taking place on Mon thru Friday. After a 2 week recovery period, Scott is reevaluated for possible surgery.

Dr. Greeno has tripled his pain medications, Scott had another sleepless, painful night last night so we hope those days are coming to an end, the Dr. said he should be able to get him pain free with very little side effects.

Scott also got more good news that his diet can be changed to basically anything he can tolerate...just small portions frequently...calories are good!!! So he can add back some fats....he's hoping for cheese pizza with a mild sauce ;-) We will keep up with the protein shakes though.

So he's sitting back in the recliner right now, enjoying a movie, and hopefully soon will be catching a nap.

Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts and good wishes you are sending our way.

Love - Roxane & Scott

Hi Scott,
I hope everything is going well. We sure miss your
presence at work. Hope you feel better soon. eric
Scott and Roxane,
Glad to hear you have a schedule all set for your recovery back to good health. Linda called earlier and said your doctor was so nice and answered all your questions you had. Hopefully the higher doses of pain medicine help you with pain and lets you get some rest. Your diet sounds alot better too. You are in our thought and prayers everyday.
Mom and Dad
Sounds like a plan to me. Roxane I suggest that you take a nap too. Way too much stress for both of you. Love you, Toots
Just wanted to say hope you can get a little sleep you need all the strength you can muster in the next few weeks we are all praying for you and know deep down that everything will be a-ok.

I love you little brother take care Your sister sue xo xo x ox ooxx..
Hi Scott and Roxie,
It is great to hear the action has started to get Scott on the road to recovery. It sounds great that Scott is expected to be pain free with the additional meds. AND he can eat too! WOW Cheese Pizza, Mild Sauce and ONIONS, of course ;-) Just like everyone else, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Love Ya.
Don and Mary Dachel
Hello Scott and Roxanne,
Sounds like you have a good plan to work with for the coming few weeks. We know you are in good hands.(Yvonne and I both went to school there and they must have learned something from us.) We hope you can get some better sleeping done.

Yvonne and Ross
Hi Scott
Those protien shakes should put some muscle on ya. I put a little of the strawberry protien powder on my cereal. Tastes great. Won't be long and you'll be pumping iron too.
May the force be with you.
Jim McCarthy... :)
Hi Scott and Roxie,
Just to let you know we love you and are praying for you everyday. We finished up in Rochester yesterday.

The Perrenouds
hi. I just did a search for radiation treatment and protien shakes and your site popped up.
I have an elderly family member with cancer of the gums and throat. He starts radiation soon - everyday treatment for 6 weeks. The family and I have been looking for foods that he will be able to handle during treatment. He has a very hard time swallowing as it is - so he can not do anything much more than a milk shake. I was thinking that protien shakes mixed with smoothies might be good for him. I read a little of your blog and it looks like you have been through what he is about to go through. Any advise for a concerned family member?
many thanks

Friday, January 21, 2005


A much better nights sleep!!

Good morning everyone:)

Scott had a much better nights sleep last night, he went to sleep (in his chair) around 9:30, I had to awake him @ 10 to give him a dose of pain med. (I know I felt bad too) Put him to bed and off to dreamland until about 2am, he sat up a short while, took a quick release pain med, and off to sleep again...then yes (again) I awoke him at 6am for another dose of medicine, he is still sitting up, dosing though, so I think a little breakfast soon then on with our day.

We are expecting a snow storm today...not really planning on heading out anyway.

I am thinking of heading back to work next week, I will work reduced hours, due to Scott's appointments, but the bank has been wonderful to us, so everyone out there...

Have $$$ to Save?? Need a Checking Account or Internet Banking? We have wonderful Loan Officers and Great Rates for your Personal, Mortgage, and Commerical Loans, and Great Customer Service...Please consider First National Bank-River Falls/Prescott, a friendly community bank. (How's that for a sales pitch co-workers, I want you all to stay busy ;-)

Scott will do a hello later today. Take care and have a good weekend everyone.

More as we know it.


Rox & Scott
Good to hear the sandman finally showed up!!
Yes, I am hoping we get a blizzard!! Bring it on!!!
You are such a brown noser!! What a plug for FNBRF--
Its sooo quiet around here without you!
Sounds like Scotts in good hands-with the new plan of attack--
Well I better get back to work--
Love and Hugs--
Since when is Bernie quiet????? I think you know better! Thanks for the free advertising....I'm surprised Sue L never thought of she'll be surfing the net all day! Absolutely great news for you yesterday! What a wonderful person to be the first candidate for a new study.....they always go for the strong, sexy ones!!! Keep eating so you don't melt away to nothing. Don't forget the hot tub is always open for ya! Michele
Good Morning Scott and Roxane... and the Hedrington Family,

We just learned of the site and blogger... and are heart broken from reading about Scott's illness. May God bless your family and keep you strong as you tackle the tough days and celebrate the successes!

Pete & Sandy Buss
Hi Scott&Roxi, Just thinking of you and that Pizza, I remember several years ago, I won't say how many,Ha Ha after working we tied up in MPLS and headed down town . We were so hungry that we stopped at a White Castle for a burger.
Many beers were drank to eleminate the taste in our mouths. Pizza is a great choice. Best wishes Scott, Keep strong and try to behave yourself with all that time on your hands.
Mom & Dad:
Glad to hear you had a better night of sleep! We'll come and visit this weekend-we have a puzzle to complete-right Dad? Talk to you later!
Love you!
Jen, Ben & Toby
Hi Rox and Scott,
I didn't even check this yesterday--thought that you would be too busy to get to it!
But you are right on top of things!!
So great that you can be in on this treatment!!
Glad that you can get more sleep too--that is very important, to me, anyway!!
I need my sleep!
Enjoy your days together and trips to and from treatment--you will spend more time with each other than you maybe ever have (except for maybe your honeymoon-right). So make the most of this extra time (vacation) that you have together. What I would give for more time with John! "One More Day"
When you are all better--you will be closer than ever!! Because you made it through a very tough time in your lives--together!
Love to you all,
Bernie W.
Scott, so glad to hear you got some rest last nite. Always helps to start the day rested. Hope your nurse Roxane has a good schedule for you. Bet it is nice to be able to eat more kinds of food. Stay postive and strong. Have a nice weekend with the kids and Toby. Sounds like a big snow storm coming, we got all our errands done this morning so we are ready. Let it snow! Take care.
Donna and Earl
Roxane & Scott,

Sorry to hear about your illness. We will keep you in our prayers and hope for the best. Remember God is always with you.
Gene and Jackie LaTour
Good Afternoon Scott & Roxane,
May God watch over you and give you his Blessings from above as you go through these tough times. We will keep you in our Prayers. May God Bless you.
Dan & Jan Gerold

Friday, January 21, 2005


Start date change

Hi everyone,
The treatment looks like a February 7, 2005 start, we needed to get our ducks lined up a little different. I talked to Dr. Greeno's nurse today and we need one more appointment to come together and we will have our plan A. I always work better when I have a plan, and working for the railroad I realize that we may have to move to a different plan and that is why there are 26 letters in the alphabet. Also, we noticed that we are to be at the clinic Monday-Friday for treatment of one sort or another, we just didn't read our original treatment plan correctly, the Tuesday and Thursdays will be quick appointments, but none the less a drive up and back from Minneapolis. We will be able to drive that with our eyes closed, like some of the drivers do already.

We started getting Net Flixs again, my first movie revue, Van Helsing - "what is this movie about", more revues later.

Snow warnings today, all our local weather people are so excited, do you think they lock these people up at night. My report would be short and sweet, if you work inside you may have a tough time getting there, if you work outside, your day is going be bad. Either way have as good a day as possible, end of report.

Keep the notes coming, I'm reading as fast as I can.


I am glad to hear you are getting all your plans in order, I know that make you feel better.
as for the Movie "Van Helsing" it is different but I rated it around a "5" I liked the guy who also was in Xmen "wolfman" I think that is who he was.

Glad to hear you can eat again.. and sleeping alittle bit more.

Stay warm and rest

Love you lots



Hey Scott,

Isn't netflix great? We get that here and you just can't beat the possiblity of about 12 New Releases a month for $18. I saw Hollywood Video had a special last week 4 movies for $20. Have you seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Very weird movie, you'll be talking about it for days to come. Enjoy your movie, we're looking forward to getting "Friday Night Lights" :)

Love ya!
Amber Ryan and Abigail
Scott---You sound pretty feisty which is good. It means you are feeling much better.

All you need for those daily trips is a tape of "On the Road Again". I'm sure it will perk you up. I had to go up to Cody for 6 weeks of radiation and after the 2nd day it was just part of the daily routine. Take care. Toots
Hi Scott and Roxie, I was so sorry to hear about your
illness, but glad to hear you are in good hands with doctors and treatment plans. You can be sure there are many prayers for you at the Karker household!!!

We were going to drive to the Cities tonight to visit Scott Knight, so of course there is a snowstorm. Will make it a day trip tomorrow instead. Take care and stay warm - Mary
Glad to hear that you are sleeping better and watching movies. Sounds like what I've been doing for the last week. Give 'eh hell when you start the chemo. I know it won't be easy but when it's done and you are cancer-free, it'll be worth the effort.
I hate that you have to go through this. Dont' look at the "big picture," just look at every day and what you can do...sometimes minute to minute is a great goal. I'm looking forward to your movie reviews. Our kids made us suffer thorough Napolean Dyamite over the holidays. Try to avoid that one. I think you need to be 14 years old to think it is funny.
I'm off of work for a few weeks during semester break but am doing a long term sub for new mother starting March 1. I'll be checking in with you to make sure that you are following doctors orders.
Keep the faith...
Sally (just up the road in Hudson)
Hi Scott, I'll be looking forward to your weekly movie reviews. Let me know your movie schedule, I'll come over and we can be like Ebert & Roeper. Not sure which one of us should be which? ;-)
I'll be sure to stop by on Saturday to check on you and your wonderful nurse. Let me know if I can bring you anything. Love, Linda
Scott & Roxie:

We’re thinking about you and saying lots of prayers . . . Reading your blogs, I find I really miss Wisconsin. No one in Virginia knows Brett Farve’s birthday is Oct. 10th –same as mine. No one here understands snow. They predicted 5 to 9 inches over the weekend and everyone thought they’d be snowbound for a week. The grocery stores were stripped of milk and bread and celery (celery???). Thank God they spared the cheese. Mike and I figured no one would be on the Beltway or in the stores for once on a Saturday so we went to Home Expo. Just us and Dick Gephardt -- snow doesn’t scare him either.

We’ll keep praying for you as you go through this phase, Scott. Keep up the good attitude and get better! Jean & Mike Adair

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Darn it...

Scott had a rather restless night, he got some sleep but was unable to lay down, so he slept on the recliner most of the night. We was having such a great day yesterday, I'm thinking it was something he ate his pancreas had a hard time digesting, no more raw carrots I think?

We got a lot of snow out there today, it finally looks like winter, it is suppose to start to blow around now, so I'm thinking sleeping in a recliner might be the best place to be today.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Hi, Just back from Mexico, nice homecoming---all that snow. We though about Scott so many times while we were gone. I am glad they have a plan to help him now. He is getting the best care possible. We will keep Scott and your whole family in our thoughts and prayers.
Love Ron and Joan
Scott and Roxane--Sounds like the kind of day to stay in, nap and just look out the window. We are think about you and praying for you. How 'bout a book--the Da Vinci Code is s'pose to be very good--haven't read it yet. Take care, Barb and Tom Gorton
Hi to all
We are getting the snow here too! Must be Wisconsin. Not too much is happening here. Shoveling the white stuff. Tony and Jess went to Iowa i (yes, in the storm) and as far as I know the Baraboo Emersons are staying home. Take care and know that you are in our prayers.
JoAnn and Charlie.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Hello out there!

Good morning - Scott had a good day yesterday, his brothers came over to visit for a few hours, that is a lot of Hedrington to take in all by myself here :-) It really made his he getting tired of me?? After the guys left my sister (Linda) came over and we enjoyed dinner and a movie...I will let Scott comment on his movie choices this weekend in a later blog from him. His night went so - so. But he did get some addition sleep this a.m., in fact he just awoke about 11, he said I think I feel great!!

He will watch some football today I'm guessing and we are expecting Ben & Jen & Toby to come over for a visit from Jordan, Claire is heading this way back from her visit with Kyle this weekend, we will see her early afternoon.

Our niece Amber (Jim's & Kristi's daughter) called with good news....she and Ryan are expecting again, Abigail will have a new little brother or sister in late September.

Back to work for me tomorrow, so give Scott a call if you got some free time this week, we do have a appointment on the 26th early a.m for the placement of his chest pump for the chemo drugs, if we are lucky we will be able to see the radiologist also so they can mark the spots for treatment, otherwise that appointment is set for the 31st.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, we are both doing ok.


Ryan and I are planning on watching Surviving Christmas today, we'll let you know what we think of it... nothing like Christmas spirit all year round!!

Scott and Roxi,
Happy Sunday. Football is on at our house today too, of course! Glad to hear plans are getting organized and starting. Thinking of both of you often. Roxi,with Scott sleeping in the recliner maybe it is time to get one of those double recliners so you two can still sleep together;-)

Hope things continue to progress well.

Love Ya, Don and Mary Dachel

Just got through watching both football games. So I guess we are all set for the super bowl. Once the Packers lost, I really didn't care much who won, although I liked the Steelers. What a sorry bunch they were today. Hope you have a good week this week. I can see by all the postings that there are a lot of supporters out there rooting for you. Keep hanging in there. Maybe I'll get back there this spring or summer. We shall see. I have more free time since the nest is empty. Take care and I'll write more later. Cousin, Kris

Monday, January 24, 2005


Happy Monday

Good Morning - Back to work for me today. Until the treatment starts I'm going to try to work my regular schedule, expect for appointments we have scheduled.

Scott had another so-so night, so he will try to get a few hours sleep this a.m. - he's just not comfortable in the bed for long, so the recliner had become his replacement.

Before I leave this a.m. I will turn down the phones, so don't be surprised if he does not answer. Scott will check the phone when he awakes, I'm hoping he sleeps until I come home for lunch.

Scott will blog later today...he still has to give those movie reviews ;-)


Hi Scott and family,
Plans are good. They keep us focused on what needs to be done and gets us there. You're on my Hail Mary list every morning on my way to work. It appears you have a great medical team and they are all on your side. You are surrounded by the best Scott; family, friends and medical. Take care. I'm keeping up with your progress.
Kathy Kuehnast Spraggon
Hope you are getting some rest and are having a good day. Keep eating good food. Hope you had your cheese pizza. Thinking of you and hoping everything will get going soon on your treatments. Take care.

Donna and Earl

Monday, January 24, 2005


Appointment moved up

Hi Everybody,

I got a call today to move up my radiology appointment from 1/31/05 to 1/25/05, tomorrow at 8:00 am.
Dr. Lee wants to first map me out, then have a consultation and then work in a CT scan, it should take all morning, and means getting up early to fight traffic.

It looks like a warmer day and we will probably get there way to early as usual, because that's the way I am, right Claire.

Movie Critic Corner
Van Helsing - No, could not follow story line (What story line)

Manchurian Candidate - Yes - Try to keep an eye out for everything unusual, then watch it again, you'll figure it out and then not believe yourself.

I-Robot - Yes - Special effects are the movie, story line is usual, good guy, bad guy, nice girl, action.

Next apointment is Wednesday at 7:00 am for the implanted port, things are moving along, more traffic to handle, getting closer to start day.

New messages are coming on line everyday, thanks for taking time to drop me a note, I will always appreciate them.


Hi Scott,
So it's back to work for you. That's both good and bad! Did you get plowed out from under all the snow? I was in Milwaukee for the weekend...white-out conditions. Pete (my son) had to snowblow three times on Friday and Saturday.
Paul's first grandson was born on Tuesday; Kenneth Paul. Weighed in at 7lbs. 6 oz, 20 inches. He's a sweety.
Good luck with the treatments. It helps that you have confidence in your docs. Let us know if you need company or anything else.
Love, Chris & Paul
I don't know if you follow Badger basketball. But anyway, Tuesday night(tomorrow night) the Badgers are playing Illinois(rated # 1 in the country I think). The Badgers coach, Bo Ryan, was at Platteville when we were there so we got to know him at least a little bit. If the Badgers happen to beat Illinois, then the two teams will be tied for 1st place in the Big Ten. I'm pretty sure it will be on TV so be sure to watch if you feel like it. However, it might interfere with movie reviews. Yvonne and Ross
Hello Scott,

You are always in our thoughts and prayers and John even helps say them at dinner time. Day-care has taught all the 1 and 2 year olds a special prayer. I hope all goes well at your appointment Tuesday morning and will check back later for all the good updates. Susan (MIke and John)


Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Home again.

Hi Everyone: We got home about 1p.m. I got Scott all settled down and resting about 2. We have another appointment set up for Feb 4th @ 2pm. The appointment on the 4th is a "practice" run of the radiation treatment Scott will receive M-F for 6 weeks, which will begin "for sure" on the 7th.

The radiation consent form Scott had to sign was quite scary, they expect him to be a pretty sick guy because they have to do a larger area then usual, I guess his tumor is in a rather rare location.

So we have a great team of doctors to care for us. Dr. Chung Lee, Dr. Laura Wilson (resident), and Intern Marc Osburne. Dr. Lee said we will be like a family for these six weeks of treatment, so I thought you would all like to know our new family members names.

Tomorrow is another early am. visit. Up there about 7 a.m.; the drive was easy this a.m. we were about 45 min. early, but they were glad to see us since they were trying to squeeze us in between the set-up appointments.

Scott had another sleepless night but Dr. Lee prescribed a sleeping pill to try. Scott needs his rest and a lot of healthy food to eat, and calories, calories, calories the doc's said. Don't you wish someone would tell you that???

More as we know it.


Hi Scott and Roxie,
I tried to post a comment earlier today - don't know what I did wrong, so I'll try again. It sounds like you have a wonderful team of doctors. Just wanted you to know that our thoughts are with you and I pray for you every day.
Boy, talk about troopers! I love your disposition and your sense of humor. It gives me a new outlook. I am thinking about you all a lot. I feel blessed to be Claire's colleague. We'll try to take care of her the best we can here. Hang in there!

Julie Martagon at West
It really upsets me that you both have to go through this. What helped a lot when I did the radiation was the fact that I had the whole family and friends pulling for me 24 hours a day for however long it took.

This is going to hard for both of you, but you will make it. You are in the process now so just show up for your appts. and do what they tell you do. Your doctors, nurses, radiation people, etc. want the best for you. They are going to do all they can to make you healthy again. Love you, Toots
Scott and Roxane,

We don't know you well, but are finding out a lot from the postings. You both have great personalities and are very supportive of each other. We know you from our contact with Ben and Jen. We think Ben is a great person and now I know where he got his personality. Gene and I liked both of you from our first meeting.

We check everyday to see how Scott is doing. I find him on my mind often. Hope all goes well with radiation. Keep up the possitive attitude and we will keep you in our prayers.
Scott and Roxane,

We don't know you well, but are finding out a lot from the postings. You both have great personalities and are very supportive of each other. We know you from our contact with Ben and Jen. We think Ben is a great person and now I know where he got his personality. Gene and I liked both of you from our first meeting.

We check everyday to see how Scott is doing. I find him on my mind often. Hope all goes well with radiation. Keep up the possitive attitude and we will keep you in our prayers. Gene and Jackie

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


At the U again

Hi all! I wanted to let you all know that my parents are at my dad's appointment now. Of course, they were there about 30-45 minutes early...why wouldn't they be? Right Dad? ;) Today they are going to put his port in. The port will save my dad from having to be poked everyday, so that is good. Otherwise, not much news to report, which is always good!

I want to thank everyone for their comments! We feel blessed as a family when we see how much support we have. Thank you. Everyone have a great day!


Thanks for the update Claire. I just had to post this because you say that no one posts messages when you do the update. Haha. Love ya girl. Glad to hear that everything is going as planned. -Mary
Haha to you Mary! I did say that though. ;)

Please pity posts for me. Let's keep this about Dad. ;)

Love, Claire
We hope putting a "port in" isn't very uncomfortable. By this time you probably don't need a GPS to find the U.
Unfortunately the Badgers lost to Illinois last night. Oh well. I don't know if Scott got to or wanted to see it.
We pray that all is going well and we'll see you in the neighborhood soon.

Yvonne and Ross

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Port is in place.

Hello - We are back from the U and Claire is correct, only a 1/2 hr. early this a.m.

Procedure went as planned, they took him in at around 8:15, we were back in his room @ 10:30, they let us leave just shortly after noon.

We stopped for his favorite meal....McD double cheese burger and even fries today and a Chocolate shake :-) Not too healthy, but he spoiled himself.

We spoke with our Nurse Judy today, she answered a few more questions regarding the treatment, and Scott signed the "official" documents today, and yes he is the one and only right now going throught this treatment phase @ Fairview-University.

We want to thank everyone for all the cards we have been receiving in the mail, I think everyday he receives another one. He also got more NetFlix's should follow.

Scott SLEPT all night last night, only awoke to take some meds, and dropped right back off to dream land....luckily he did awake @ 5 a.m. guess who "set" the alarm clock...but did not turn it on???? Your right...


Scott & Roxane

Glad to hear everything is going good!!!
Sleeping all night that is GREAT!

Scott you eat everything you want I wish my Doctor would tell me that.

I would like to come over and visit soon let me know what works for you two

Love you, Julie
Hi ya Buddy,

How did that cheeseburger, FF, & Sahke taste? Pretty good I'll bet.

Sounds as though things are on the move. You've got a great nurse and partner in Roxy make sure that you always mind her. By the way Roxy, no sponge baths for Scott I think he is looking forward to them ;-)

Always remember that I am here as are others and if you need to talk, lean on, or need something just ask. I'll be there for you.

All my Love

It was good to talk to you last night. Sounds like everything went well with your appointment today. Is the McD double cheese buger and fries your secret to the maintainence of your fine physique? I should be one to talk, right! From rumors I hear out of Green Bay we may see a few more changes w/ Pack.

Take Care,

Dennis Behnke

Don't know if you remember me. I was 2nd Opr in St. Paul and later a crew driver before retiring in 1999. Our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. Yes, prayer is powerful medicine!

Larry Bosley
Hey, Scott & Rox,
Just wanted to let you know I think of you often. Stay strong and know we're all behind you knowing you can beat this thing!

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Thursday Thoughts

Hi Everyone,

Not much to do today, no calls from the doctors offices, so that means nothing has changed and we are on target for our dry run on Friday the 4th of February.
Roxie went to work today and I puttered around the house doing things I put off before, nothing heavy duty.
The lunch yesterday was good but I still want to have my own Luigi's PMS calzone when I'm done with this. They say not to eat what you like during therapy, because you then dislike it, I'm saving a few things for later that I can only picture in my mind for now. As for fast food I'll save room for the "King", still the best diet coke in town.
We have three new movies, something to do this weekend.
It's great to hear from all of you, any and all comments are welcome, and taken to heart.
Have a great day,

I know that "PMS" Calzone means pepperoni, mushroom and sausage, but others may read it differently...if you know what I mean? ;-)
Glad you're keeping busy. I'm looking forward to our "dinner and a movie" this weekend. I can even cook this time Roxane! Love you Scott.
Hi Scott and Crew...Glad to hear that everything is going as planned, and I am glad to hear that you got to enjoy some of your favorites in the past few days. Keep up your positive spirit! Talk to you soon~Emily W.
Hi Scott and Rox,
My parents called today to ask how you were doing--So they are thinking of you too. My sisters are asking often too and keeping you in their thoughts and prayers!
Hey--pretty cool how the Illini are doing! U of I is where Chad goes to school--he is not at all a sports fan though, or we would be going to some of the games! Kind of sad that they beat UW though--I am still a Wisconsin girl!
That is neat that you are getting movies from the net--catch up time. There was a day when I had seen every movie nominated for academy awards--but that was many years ago! These days, I am lucky to have even heard about them by then.
I have never met either of your kids--but I want to say, that they sound wonderful!! You must be so proud!!
Rox, I am glad that you can get back to work--they must miss you terribly--I can imagine how you keep them laughing!
We got a lot of snow last weekend--11-12 inches--I was very glad that the kids were home to help shovel! It is very pretty! Danielle and I went sledding on Sun--it had been years since I had done that --it was great fun.
Hope that you get enough sleep!
Take care of eachother!
Bernie W.
Gotta love Luigi's Dad! I know a really cool waitress that used to work there. ;)

I wanted to let everyone know that April 15-16 is the Relay for Life in River Falls. My friend Emily Walker is the team captain. We have a large team this year, but it can always be LARGER. Email me if you want more information ( I'll hook you up with Emily. I am walking in honor of my Dad, and in memory of my aunt Kristi. We would love you have you on our team! Thanks for being a leader, Emily.

Thanks for the posts! Love you all!

Scott & Roxie,
Greetings from Dayton, OH. - You are in all of our thoughts and prayers. I just received the news from our classmate website(computer was down for weeks). I'm so sorry to hear the news, and always hoped there would be a cure for all cancer by this time in our lives. Medicine and research has made enormous strides to cures, and place many people in a remission state forever. Hang on to that hope, because Bill and I are there hoping and praying with you to beat this. I have known you since grade school - you are strong, you have many friends, and family to help you through this tough time. It sounds like you have one heck of a life partner and nurse too!
Carol & Bill Overman

Sounds like everyting is going as planned. Not that nice down here today, only 72 and a little cloudy. I hate days like this. Anyway Tanya and I will see you guys in a couple of weeks, we are looking forward to it. Keep the faith.

Love You

Hi Scott and Roxanne,
My husband Bruce Erickson works with Scott and wanted me to stop in and let you know that you're in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Bruce is working this afternoon, but I've got the day off. Glad to hear that the port placement went well. That will make things so much easier for you, saves alot of time and unnecessary needle sticks. Keep up the positive attitude, it does make a big difference. So we're sending you both all of our best wishes and we'll be following your web page. Take care and know that alot of people out here are thinking about you. Paula and Bruce Erickson
Hey Scott, Aren't quiet days nice? Glad to hear this is a relatively calm one for you. Your mom called me yesterday and we had a nice visit. She seems to be doing well in her new environment and was pretty upbeat.
Things are pretty quiet here today too. I played tennis this morning and as a friend who e-mailed me today said, "Wouldn't it be great to play like those guys on TV?" Us tennis fiends have been watching the Australian Open. I know that as long as I'm still paying to play and not the other way around, I haven't made it yet. ha ha Just dropping a line to say hi today. Keep hanging tough. Lotsalove....cousin Kris
Scott, I know what you mean about luigi's. I really miss that part of my time up in RF back in my old college days. Best pizza in town! It will be there waiting for you...

Continued best wishes. We're continually thinking about you guys!

Jon, Shannon, and Mighty Quinn
hey bro! just got home from work, one less deer in wisconsin, ran into my train, didn"t hurt my train. I was scared, glad everything went ok yesterday. love ya! and i'll call you tomorrow DIRT
I just want you to know that my wife and I are thinking about you. Just keep plugging away and keep your spirits high. We are praying for you.
Bev and Harry Bloedow


Friday, January 28, 2005


Friday update

Well I guess Scott was toooooooo busy today to write, so I will make this quick.

He had a so so night, but got a few extra hours sleep this a.m. When he called me (10:30) he said he had been awake for a while...but he sounded pretty sleepy yet to me.

He had a good day though, got the oil changed on the car, visited with the neighbors kids and Linda, and he and Claire ran a couple errands before she headed to Eau Claire to see Kyle. He chaueffred me to work, and took me up to Wendy's AND Wal-mart!!!

We are back home now and ready to put our feet up and watch a movie. Everyone have a good weekend!


Saturday, January 29, 2005


Saturday thoughts

Not too much new to tell today, we got a dusting of snow last night. Temps about +28 right now, so a nice day today, not quite as good as Florida...right Rod??

Another up and down night for Scott, he's trying to hang in there until the treatment starts. His appetite is coming back though.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.


Hi Scott,

Getting ready to go to the Union Xmas party. I am sure your name will come up and all of our good wishes will be coming your way.

Think of you often, and by the way, no one can do a time check like you. Jim Schmidt
Scott and Roxane,
No snow here today, just cloudy but mild. January is almost gone and better things are just around the corner. Glad to hear you are able to eat more things. You have to stay strong and be patient, which is hard to do we know. Get a little rest and relaxation this weekend, you both need it.
Mom and Dad
We are thinking of you. Not too much happening here. The kids are all in Rochester this weekend. Isabelle is going to be in Tony's wedding. She'll be a pro pretty soon. She is really a jabberbox and is having fun playing with Tony's dog this weekend.
Take care.
JoAnn and Charlie



Sunday, January 30, 2005


No News Sunday

Hi everyone - it is a no news Sunday.

Scott had one of his better nights last night, and a quite day. He went on a drive to McDonald's again, and had his wonderful lunch. He got several phone calls, and just sort of roamed around and house and outside for a while today, he is excellent at getting all the laundry done, and is now getting my clothes closet in proper order ;-)

My sister Julie came over to RF, so Linda, Claire, and myself hit the January Clearance Sales. We all really got some great deals.

Just going to put our feet up and turn on the TV.


Roxane & Scott

Monday, January 31, 2005


Down and out Monday

Hi Everybody,
It has been a differrent Monday, Roxie woke up with a hurting back, and Ben was sick last night. Roxie stayed home until 10:00 am and as far as I know Ben is still at home, I tried to influence Roxie to take it easy, but I'm not as good a nurse as she is, maybe I could go over and take care of Ben, that would probably drive him to work. Nothing else has changed, schedule is the same for me, were going out for lunch around 1:00 pm. It's always good to hear from everyone, thanks for taking the time.

Hi Dad! Poor Mom, poor you, poor Ben. Maybe I should have been a nurse. This editor gig doesn't seem to do much for other people. ;)

I hope you ALL have a good day and start feeling better.

Jen! Let's stay healthy ok? Ok.
Hi Scott,
I've been reading your updates regularly and feel like I'm getting to know your family. I hope everyone feels better soon. Sounds like you all need some TLC. Any new movie reviews? Maybe you'll have to start watching the Illini. They're pretty interesting this year. We had to gather to watch the game with Wisconsin since my daughters are fans of the Illini and my husband is still a died in the wool Badger fan. I'm on the fence but leaning towards Illinois. A real fair weather fan!
Take care.
Bobbie (Young) Kieffer
Hope that all of you are feeling better!
Scott--Cool--so you even do laundry!!
I was totally out of comission all weekend--that flu that we couldn't get a vaccine for--I think! I wouldn't have taken the vaccine anyway. But...
Now Illinois has millions of doses of vaccines from Europe--too late--so guess who gets to pay for them?!!
Glad that you are getting out for lunch and stuff!
Going to be in the 30s here all week--not bad!
Glad that Roxie is able to get out and save you money on those SALEs!! Love bargains!!
Enjoyed your movie reviews!
Keep posting them!
Have a good week!
Bernie W.
Hi all----I think what is going on with Roxane and Ben is called stress. There really isn't anything to be done about it, but at least you know what the problem is.

Scott you sound like you are doing pretty well. Keep that up. The next few (and I stress few) weeks are going to be difficult for all of you. Build up your strength and your courage. Toots
Sorry to hear you are all a little under the weather. I think that is to be expected with all that has been going on. EVERYONE, please take care. Nice day here in Roseburg. Blue sky and sunshine, but not all that warm--about 60. Only thing that heated up today was the tennis court cause I won. ha ha Juanita called this a.m., but didn't talk to her cause I was at tennis. Left a message, said she was in her back yard and California was warm, sunny and beautiful today. We had a quiet weekend. Kevan was home, but now all are back to school and work and poor me is home alone again. This empty nest stuff is weird. Just writing to wish you well for the week. Keep that positive attitude! Love and Hugs..............cousin Kris
Hi Scott: just want you to know I am a 4 year survivor of pancreatic cancer...and I am still cancer free. I just came across your blog, and wanted to encourage you to hang in there! It is a difficult road. Have you had a whipple? I did and lost 30 lbs. afterward, but I just persevered. If you have any questions re diet, foods, vitamins, etc, please feel free to email me. God bless!